A dream of rural excellence

‘If you don’t have a dream then how will your dreams come true?’. Such was the vision and passion of the clinicians and health professionals who spoke to us today. Looking out over the vista, green rolling hills bathed in sunshine fell down to the crashing sea. Brightly painted rondavels (traditional round thatched houses) sprinkled […]

Teenage troubles

He didn’t show up for my appointment yet again; he is one of the patients that I often think about. We first met in January, he came to see me in clinic wanting to reinitiate his ARVs (antiretrovirals, drugs which suppress HIV in the body). He is 13, but looks about 11 and came with […]

Women: challenges and strength

Following on from International Women’s Day, I thought I’d reflect a little on some of the diverse encounters that I’ve had working with women here. Life brings particular challenges for many of our female patients, but their strength often shines through. I was on call for New Years Day and saw 3 young women who […]


         ‘Ready?’. ‘Yeah I’m ready, lets start’. We turn on the IV drip and  watch the pale yellow antivenom start to trickle in. I keep an eye on the monitor. Oxygen saturations and pulse are stable. We are surrounded by all of the gear needed for intubation, including anaesthetic drugs, and I […]